Sunday, December 16, 2012

Working stocking at a time.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


This year, the GOO team is getting together to raise money for Asan Dog Shelter in Korea! This is where we adopted two of our three dogs, Gimbap and Oliver. To raise funds, we are HANDSEWING mini stockings with customized names. Inside these lovely mini stockings, we will have HOMEMADE, (mostly) ORGANIC, ETHICAL and NATURAL treats for said human/dog/cat!

NOW, the reason behind all this craftery. Yes, craftery. As some of you may know, our three dogs are from Korea. Before travelling the 1000s of kms, they were living the shelter life on a secluded grassroots, locally-run, no-kill shelter up in the mountains of a rural village. During the winter season, it gets down to -30 degrees, easily, and as some of you can guess, many MANY animals don't make it through the cold rough months despite the efforts of all the volunteers. Our goal is to raise some funds and give back to where our furbabies came from. 100% of the proceeds from these mini stockings will be donated to the shelter so they can then go purchase warm blankets, self-heating pads, doghouses, etc. for these amazing animals.

If you want to read more about the FANTASTIC agency we worked with while overseas, check out or their Facebook page

Thank you for your support! We have maxed out on our production this year but we promise to start earlier in the future :) Have a great holiday season!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's that time of the Year!

Who loves the Canucks? I do! And so do my dogs :) Here's to bringing the cup home this year!!

Fabric: Dressew.
Logo: Printed on t-shirt transfers (Staples) with an ink-jet printer.
Letters: Dressew.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

I loved this bag I bought from Hong Kong...but when the handles on it broke, I wasn't ready to let it go. So what did I do with it? Made it into a jacket for my baby, of course! The pleather is great for rainy days :)

Fabric: Bag from Hong Kong.
Liner: Dressew.

Everyone needs a Holiday Sweater.

Merry Christmas! A holiday sweater is a must for everyone...even for my dogs :) The back pocket is made especially for easy poop bag access!

Fabric: Dressew.
Button: Dressew.

Meet Mr. Ebi & Mr. Tamago Sushi.

I love my dogs. I love sushi. So why not put them together for Halloween? :) Both costumes were super easy to make. The shrimp one was made from an old white beater and the orange part was coloured in with a felt marker!

"Rice": My dogs...and a white beater.
"Shrimp": White beater and orange marker.
"Egg": Small pillow and yellow fabric.
"Seaweed": Charcoal grey fabric.

Making your idea into a Reality... :)

This ipad cover was made for one of my friends. It was her design...I just made it come to life :) The first picture is a laptop cover I bought a while is important to use a foam made for electronics!

Laptop cover: Daiso.
Fabric: Ask Diane :)
Button: Dressew...I believe.