Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's that time of the Year!

Who loves the Canucks? I do! And so do my dogs :) Here's to bringing the cup home this year!!

Fabric: Dressew.
Logo: Printed on t-shirt transfers (Staples) with an ink-jet printer.
Letters: Dressew.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

I loved this bag I bought from Hong Kong...but when the handles on it broke, I wasn't ready to let it go. So what did I do with it? Made it into a jacket for my baby, of course! The pleather is great for rainy days :)

Fabric: Bag from Hong Kong.
Liner: Dressew.

Everyone needs a Holiday Sweater.

Merry Christmas! A holiday sweater is a must for everyone...even for my dogs :) The back pocket is made especially for easy poop bag access!

Fabric: Dressew.
Button: Dressew.

Meet Mr. Ebi & Mr. Tamago Sushi.

I love my dogs. I love sushi. So why not put them together for Halloween? :) Both costumes were super easy to make. The shrimp one was made from an old white beater and the orange part was coloured in with a felt marker!

"Rice": My dogs...and a white beater.
"Shrimp": White beater and orange marker.
"Egg": Small pillow and yellow fabric.
"Seaweed": Charcoal grey fabric.

Making your idea into a Reality... :)

This ipad cover was made for one of my friends. It was her design...I just made it come to life :) The first picture is a laptop cover I bought a while is important to use a foam made for electronics!

Laptop cover: Daiso.
Fabric: Ask Diane :)
Button: Dressew...I believe.