Friday, December 5, 2014


Some of you may be familiar with our stockings fundraising project a couple years back to raise money for Asan Animal Shelter in Korea where Gimbap and Oliver were adopted (Opa was found on the streets). The proceeds from our last project were donated to sponsor a dog. And now...we’re at it again!

This time we are selling:

Dog/Cat Option: JAR of HEARTS - $10
Dehydrated chicken hearts (American Humane, Association Certified or Certified Humane and/or Certified Organic)

Human Option: JAR of SPICE- $7 
 This jar of mulled spices can be used for wine or apple cider
 - One jar is perfect with one bottle of wine

During the winter season in Korea, it gets down to -30 degrees, easily, and as some of you can guess, many MANY animals don't make it through the cold rough months despite the efforts of all the volunteers. Our goal is to raise some funds and give back to where our furbabies came from. Proceeds from this project will be donated to the shelter so they can then purchase warm blankets, self-heating pads, doghouses, etc. for these amazing animals.

To read more about the FANTASTIC agency we worked with while overseas, check out or their Facebook page

If you're interested in a jar (or two, or three!!!), please email us at

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